Information needed to perform a fault and coordination study


1.     Single Line Diagrams

2.   Utility info (available symmetrical and asymmetrical fault currents, x/r ratios, voltage, protective device information, etc.)

3.   Emergency Generator info (kW/kVA rating, voltage, pf, alternator reactance and time constants ( Xd, X2, X0, Xd, Xd, Td, Td, Tdc, Ta), X/R ratios, etc.)

4.   Emergency Generator Breaker info (see # 9)

5.   Transformer info (kVA rating, voltages, %Z, connection type (delta-delta, delta-Y, Y-Y, Y-delta), grounding type, etc)

6.    Cable info (type (Al or Cu), size, length, conduit type (magnetic/non-magnetic.), # of conductors per phase, etc.)

7.    Motor and MCC info (HP, voltage, MCC/panel schedule, etc.)

8.   Switchboard & Panelboard info (manufacturer, type, main & feeder breaker info (see #9), AIC rating, etc.)

9.   Breaker info (manufacture, frame type, trip unit type, size, AIC rating, etc.)

10.  Fuse info (manufacturer, type, size, AIC rating, etc.)

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